Backpack is the Ultimate Academic Storage Solution

The backpack app was made for parents by parents.

The Backpack app was created by parents for parents.

Backpack was created by parents and learner’s who felt there had to be a better way to store and manage their children’s educational achievements. The idea of backpack is the combined influence of parents and healthcare. Current student information systems are too rigid. They don’t track historical performance, they don’t include accomplishments, achievements or extracurricular activities. They can’t be accessed by colleges, universities or trade schools. They are not portable. They can’t be shared. And most importantly, they don’t belong to the learners or parents. Much like a health record or credit score, your backpack personal education record™ is as unique and individual as your fingerprint.

What is Backpack?

Backpack is an online storage solution for academic and extracurricular information, such as progress reports, grades, tests, homework, artwork, class projects, and more. By organizing and managing all of your academic information in one easy-to-use platform, backpack lets your unique achievements work for you.

Our mission: to build the first scholastic-driven network that actively brings together learners and institutions in a secure environment.

Why: to create academic opportunity for every learner in the world. We believe this will be the fundamental power of our network.

Who’s Behind Backpack?


Director of Development

As a student growing up in the age of apps and social media, Caroline envisions how backpack will be useful to young people, whose lives are increasingly reliant on technology. She is responsible for outlining our goals, as well as overseeing the engineering behind backpack, with the purpose of building a safe community for people to share accomplishments and create an academic opportunity for every learner in the world.



Chris has spent the majority of his professional career helping large healthcare companies grow through mergers and acquisitions. Chris also worked for the investment bank Houlihan, Lokey Howard & Zukin and Deloitte & Touche, both in Chicago. Chris has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Management from Beloit College and earned a Masters of Business Administration degree from the Jack C. Massey Graduate School of Business at Belmont University.