See what Backpack is all about

Backpack solves the fundamental problem of efficiently storing and organizing massive amounts of data and information generated and accumulated by learners each day.

Key Benefits

Backpack has benefits for parents, students, educators and institutions alike. Here are a few of backpack’s many benefits:


Dynamic data collection

Store, retrieve and send data from anywhere in just a few easy clicks.


Integrated academic tools

Robust analytics to ensure your academic record works for you.


Smarter recruiting

Find the right candidates for your university or workplace quickly and easily.

How it works

Create a free online profile

Everything in your backpack is part of your Personal Education Record™ (PER). Safe, secure and free.

Store & manage data

Store grades, progress reports, test scores, honors, and special recognitions. Upload writing samples, artwork, and musical composition all in one convenient location.

Create Opportunity

Build your own personal academic network and share successes with family, mentors and advocates. Simplify the college application process by automating the CommonAp and your academic resume. Eliminate the stress of the financial aid process by linking your personal record to the FAFSA form. Lastly, let academic organizations find you via your Personal Education Record.